• A M Graetz

Trump Vs Khamenei

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Pen and ink digital composite A4 Hand drawn Political cartoon
Trump Vs Khemenei Cartoon

We stand at the precipice of yet another theatre of war. This yawning death march towards the polar opposite representatives of power (Trump and Khemenei) seek absolute resolution to both of their opposing ideologies towards... What?

Trump stands for the stable control of oil supply from the 'Middy East' and protection/support of Allies such as Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Ali Khemenei wants to curtail Americas Imperial pressure of Iran's trade and to stop the surrounding American Military build up around Iran. All triggered by the death of Iranian General Suliemani by US Drone Strike in Iraq.

Everyone is expecting the expected in retaliation, or continuation of strikes. As Shakespear said "All the world is a stage."

Now in my humble educated and experienced opinion...

The grand delusion has reached the top of the sine wave in the double helix of how life travels metaphorically.

So the time we live in is really becoming 'unicorns and drone strikes'. The Greta effect of a kid that learned her theoretical climate science from Captain Planet cartoons. The whole financial system delusion that is too big to do anything that has a basis in reality. The world now exists without laws. Now here we stand in the yawning abyss of e Multipolar Globalists 400 year, possible playbook plan in the year 2020.

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