• A M Graetz

The Year Artificial Intelligence's Voice Broke

This is not a huge stretch of the imagination, that a machine that analyses and models the markets around information that the WORLD WIDE WEB enters into when using the laptop phone or other digitally connected device.

The human dark side is not in the dark web!!! it manifests around us.

It doesn't matter if you have read social theory or Carl Jung its an easy fact to see what the world is doing based on cycles of life hourly, daily, yearly monthly.

Carl Jung ins summation said something along the lines of what we repress manifests in the outside world. Well the internet in simple terms is a tool of information, like a confession box that catholics use but in your hand or on your screen. A neutral space that only effects you on what connections you make through your own will.

The greater public accepts that the machine does what it does, because its a machine and at the end of the day we are in control of it. Yet we make the illusions on the screen real.

Cliche movies would have you believe that the dark side of A.I is some robot army. Firstly why would A.I want to go to manufacturing Soldiers and state like control against a manufactured rebellion. When it could just feed a theory that makes people mirror what the machine wants.

The model that A.I works on is W.H.A.M. Win Hearts And Minds. Used by the military. This technique was to make locals in the country they are invading be on the invaders side. We never see a neutral screen as invading our hearts and minds... Yet it is.

The manifest destiny of the world has always run on the exchange of 'something for something'. So this free forum Colosseum internet we have, it is like every human treated as if they were Adam and Eve in the garden (to use the bible for reference). The WIFI cord that connects us all the representative (metaphor) of the Serpent of Knowledge is optic fibre.

The more we inherit knowledge the more the world turns towards a darker meaning, algorithms work on the facts of human behaviour. The machine learning 'us' mirrored back in non neutral physical effects such as sickness or pain.

Now the current events would give more of where it is heading in the global data entry mind of the world.

The markets were happy with free money up until 2019 when the meme or kernel of truth in humour started to become believable. Money printing is now seen as a way of meaningless currency. A industrialised manufacturing world now turned medical and chemical.

In history the world has always tried to navigate 'meaning creation' to keep people in a tribal sense of harmony. This was attained through a god or believable narrative of consequences. War is always used as mediator between our fear of loss and meaning and mortality.

For the first time in history the 'currency' is the flow of information not necessarily the flow of money or goods. Now this opens a new market for the Machine Modelling, yet it can only run on the hearts and minds that support it. We vote now in digital democracy with our fingers more than any previous time in history,

We are at the cusp of the mental change over into a new paradigm as the darker side of humanity has reached the point of predictable.

What does the machine do when the predictability happens? How does it gather an imaginative answer for the mass market knowledge that politicians, military and bankers rely on for a 'win win' situation. As you can see that people are forced into a digital bubble of home detention without just cause or reason other than some words not backed by facts but FEAR of the unknown in the media stream. A public grateful for a meaning system in what was becoming a loose chaotic system of actual self destruction.

The machine learning has run out of ideas and has gone to self protection mode. Forcing everyone into the matrix style mode of being permanently locked into focus on the computer and the machine to do work and live. This causes division and inevitability as part of the process, as all collective movements be they in virus or revolution or evolution, almost always end in destruction. The modelling system of predictable outcomes has reached its point of irrelevance.

At this point you may ask what is one to do? When the machine has hit the extents of what I would call the material illusion.

Use your imagination.

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