• A M Graetz

The Revolution will not be downloaded

Why does no one write about it?

We have no great directors, poets, rebellious stars that speak their mind without it being pre censored on a cultural sensitive level.

There is not one narrative in the Art or performing world that can actually annunciate a divided cultural revolution that has plastic wrapped, hypersensitive cotton wool covered brains.

The point of this media saturated impulse of worlds colliding in a digital universal language, just increased the homogenous milk white paradigm of cultural indifference of everyone with an internet connection.

Yet we can buy a thousand flavours of ice cream, eat caviar and red wine flavoured oven baked organic potato vegan chips. The humanity reductionist fellowship of the mirror mirror in your hand asking the numbers who is the fairest of them all.

The cryptos, the hyperlink, the cash money versus stock market. The dark web, consciousness, DMT, Elon Musk and JR on weed. That selfie before death. The pile of bills in an American G.I’s hands, A corporation that never fails, un-jailable offences. Over-filled prisons, while the hospital is going broke. Femen topless protest, Transgender argument, flat earth and next designer drug of choice. The food with no nutrients, a sea full of plastic fish.Gamers dropping dead on PC’s. Pick your sport of World championship of drug cheats.

But its not all that bad?

Is it?

Use the illusion as long as it is there for before too long it will be the end of illusions and a harsh reality will be their waiting. As the media will scramble to keep the Same as the same and anything worse to be accepted as the same.

We are definitely obsessed with the Shiny pretty things. The glowing script on the screen that little heart filled with red clicked to feel accepted. The series that tells about the struggles and strains not even hitting close to the marker of the divisions created to homogenise the lot in one unknown visual literacy.

It seems that in this current trajectory that starship earth, is now convening with some strange Baphmet plot hatching in the Political/Media Holo-deck.

My words are not new to the uninitiated or hardened cynical intellectual, or even jaded teen.

Everyone knows that the price paid for ease of life since the last 1956 Great Depression or even Stalin and Mao’s cultural movement of people and mass migration. Is that the revolution will not be televised as Mr Herron once wrote.

“You will not be able to stay home, brother

You will not be able to plug in, turn on and drop out

You will not be able to lose yourself on skag and skip

Skip out for beer during commercials

Because the revolution will not be televised.”

(excerpt) Gil Scott-Heron. The revolution will not be televised.”

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