• A M Graetz

The Job sweeper economy

Unfortunately things are not as easy as that. Humans work on 9 month rotations and 7 year cycles for major change

COVID-19; As I have said in blog posts is a kind of stalinism soft digital coup d'état.

Slowly it takes a full realisation that the digital realm has to be profitable for everyone that uses it for money to be worth anything and for the new digital capitalism to work

Expect infrastructure rebuilds to happen in the health sector and re build of housing to be done like house grants to build offices on everyones new dev or old house and internet hook ups that sort of thing. Its a re build of traditional ant termite mound skyscrapers business model to a multi-nodal business model of home business.

I am excited that the science of things is going to get more amazing with, inventiveness and innovation after the bullshit election and lack of human foresight that has been enshrined. Now you have a percentage of population in the world that is just stupid even the educated are stupid so the idea of education will have to change to encompass ability and traditional pedagogical system of learning through dynamically structured experience/guidance.

So humanity has to go through its planet of the apes moment. Where each individual will find the statue of liberty half buried in sand at the beach. And realise the old was destroyed to allow the next structure of more animalistic bi pedal hominids to run society. (metaphorically speaking of course)

This will happen over next 19 months. Experiments in crypto, blockchain, whatever??? I doesnt matter form or function if greed still rules the ideology of the exchange system.

Chinas version of capitalism is about to backfire.... With unprecedented floods and using population as vaccination guinea pigs. A control structure with a President who gives themselves unlimited power is powerless to stop the entropy.

Isn't it strange in the current global pandemic politics. Technically you should see every top virologist, chemist and scientist joining together in one room to speed up the vaccine innovations and testing and implementation.

YET!!!! in a capitalist world of multipolar power structures based on profit only via debt or death.

Everyone is working in solitary countries attempting to be the first to have the panacea to make the trillions of dollars and become the global hegemon through vaccine profits.

Communism / capitalism all die the same deaths due to greed its the face of insanity at the end of empiricism.

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