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The Grand NEW NORMAL 2020 - The A.I. generated proxy war on your mind.

The strange new normal that has gripped the world unanimously to accept Fait over Destiny?

Fate is that which you cannot change.
Destiny is that which you're meant to do.

Like previous posts I will build in the facts of known history and various elements. This may hurt your brain to read but its pure speculation based on how the world is run essentially by Public Relations companies, military industry and large scale investors with deep state connections. It is the True Triangle of power.

Forget 'Democracy', the experiment was over in 2001 around 9-11 twin towers event.

In observance society is now seeing the use of Artificial Intelligence as the new elite method of managing power, control and influence and in our global society. Sounds like a Sci fi concept. Well Sci fi is in my humble opinion basically a PR tool, seed or kernel of what is to be enacted to law eventually. That is why Tropes like 'Orwellian' and 'Dystopian' become an easier to explain concept than an unknown un named concept?


So what exactly is there to propose? In forecasting that Machine learning, and social media is very much like a petri dish for the power brokers to make decisions no matter how absurd. These decisions are based on a computer algorithm that gives our predictable behaviour on percentage analysis of what the populace feed into the smart phone and social media communications?

So are we the test audience for a proxy war of wining the hearts and minds of the new paradigm of society?

Quick answer 'YES.'

We are at the point of change in societal attitudes. We are locked down. The earth has majorly become Home Detention with Martial law (State of Emergency declaration or similar).

Conspiracies and rumour abound. which usually signals end of Empire and rise of another. But which and what empire are we to inherit?

My interpretation/proposition of this NWO attempt in Q2 2020 as the traditional empire model of War boom bust is now irrelevant in this hyper connected world run on Machine learning Algos.

So as we sit at the cusp of a new dawn in the next 3 years I will paragraph each test audience as possibly how the Globalist PR company is using to feed into its machine learning programme that spits out the percentages of success to reinforce direction and decision making in society.

Right now in Home D (Home Detention), the government has a captive audience for the news feed to see what sells, what people click on, What people search for with no social interaction. Possibly the best social study/ experiment in this new paradigm.

Recorded history has no previous reference to this. Other than war based starvations of the public by cutting transport to cities. This time they have a motivation for self imprisonment and a technological tool that can micro-analyse the society as if each human was a particle of smart dust.

Our logs of location, likes dislikes needs and wants. A very fortuitous recipe for Global ordering of large society.

Yet it seems that the vying for power will be the greatest hinderance. The pride of Lions in the current power in apex are in predatory mode. Lions are naturally good at sharing the spoils of the kill, yet there is a hierarchy of how which Lion becomes the leader of the pride is what the next 3 years will be mostly about. Metaphorically speaking.

Firstly there is the deaths or pending release of death notices of the Oligarchs from the last 30 year reign. The rise and fall of the imaginary currency of Fiat Capitalism and endless false economic numbers created to keep the system afloat has been exhausted and replaced with a Biological terror that is just as imaginary and causal towards future policy being generated.

People talk of crypto but that is a mere test concept in exchange tokens based on Power generated mining of code. This can be manipulated in simple terms. You shut off the power grid to a blockchain or crypto currency mining operation then you have no more crypto. Or price of power goes up by power owner then crypto fluctuates accordingly. The other concept of a gold backed crypto. Again if power goes down gold is still a physical thing that can not be adulterated without knowledge in metals.

Even in biblical times the maintenance of currency values and exchanges has been about managing Human Biology and its relationship to 'Belief'.

So the proposal is that the value ones freedom and to live comfortably is the only currency at question?

Freedoms limited and freedoms given is the base of all currencies. We endure a time where the middle class, the rich people and poor alike suck indoors. One may have more food and toys than the other but end of the day. The rich live in a cage with golden bars the poor a cage made of whatever they can get.

Only the courtiers and vassals servants of the power elite that have positioned themselves close to the privileges. These servants to the elite rich and military or covert operations have access to the unlimited power to travel and gather, usurping all laws given to the populace as they deem themselves essential services to the nation.

These are what I would call the NEO EUNUCHS.

It is comparable to the During the Qing Dynasty forbidden city apparently life was so terrible in that time in China there were record numbers of Eunuchs and waiting list to get within the forbidden city walls by loosing their testicles. All history aside there seems to be no real power broker in the world other than a Certain previous CEO of a Computer company, A Ethiopian CEO of a world organisation and a few presidents that have nuclear capability but not much Biological experience with virology.

So does no one want to be in charge?

Does no one have a strategy or answer other than lock and load?

To cut to the chase.

This is the key aspect to social unrest that the leaders and bankers will attempt to use for their gain of more unquestioned and unchecked power. Globally it could be forecasted that isolationism, nationalism and borders strategy will be coupled with the technological control and attempt, at biometrical containment a large number of people via issued govt phones or digital wallet.

It is kind of always been on the cards since Marxism was a thing.

to be continued...

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