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Temporal Markers 2020 WACO 2.0 Rodney King effect and the ROYAL dilemma.

Forecasting based on cycles is easy to give previous cycles. It is most hard to pinpoint the reactive nature of something that is on a 'test and see' type scenario. Welcome to the dream world of the inconsequential realm of Temporal markers.

TEMPORAL MARKERS; (adjective) - Moments relating to non spiritual worldly affairs,

- Time based events that are linguistically represented and expressed.

In this case I am forecasting Temporal Markers based on cyclic studies of the 1990s and 1520s.

As we live in a Force Majure Democracy at the moment.

(force majeure : unforeseeable circumstances that prevent someone from fulfilling a contract.)

We have a time in History where the future is being made on a daily basis that almost seems pre planed within a global perspective now who are the Allies and who are the enemies?

The strange thing is that the media focus on the shut down of liberal democracies are all member states of NATO and especially the G5 and the G7 groups of countries are in a kind of biological reset of the financial system.

Waco Texas was in short was the siege of a compound belonging to the religious sect Branch Davidians, the intervention done in alliance with American federal and Texas state law enforcement, as well as the U.S. military, between February 28 and April 19, 1993

Rodney King effect historically March 3, 1991, King was violently beaten by LAPD officers during his arrest for fleeing and resisting arrest on California State Route. The subsequent court case turned into a racially charged riot after the media saturated court case led to the public exposure of the poverty in mainly black neighbourhoods in East Los Angeles.

The Royal dilemma is a frequency of possible logical elements of necessity. Ageing queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip scandal and the threat of Corona Virus to the queen, possible abdication of queen, Due to Prince Charles Age and threat of infection will be bypassed and the new King and Queen of England to be Kate Middleton and Prince William of Cambridge. This would sort the next temporal marker

As you could imagine the financial effects in an American election year?

So the question on everyones lips is will this COVID 19 pandemic keep effecting the populace? Well short answer is that the lingering effects will be the same as anything that needs to be processed on mass through the public. To effect change you need fear and subservience. An invisible enemy such as the flu is the best form of Governance you can get. Here are the possible scenarios

  1. Take-over and homogenisation of all financial systems by Govt or other.

  2. Peak and then trough of pandemic, but there will be very little removal of government powers that have been instituted to law. It will be a constant Media device of threat.

  3. Government becomes more Socialist to control the mass herd, in exchange for more rights being eroded.

  4. New environmentalist laws that are mostly at the expense of civil rights to congregate and certain riots and cults will form and quickly be immobilised by new Martial laws in the name of pandemic.

  5. A Martyr could be used as of sorts is always used in the exploiting the publics mass moment of confusion and unreason. The public will find the death of this person regardless of being a tyrant or good person a moment of ecstatic deliverance. An almost religious wave of mysticism after the loss and mourning.

  6. A possible mass die off in one particular country.

  7. Iran capitulating into Civil war through sanctions and food supply.

  8. Military deployment in cities to curb the unrest.

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