• A M Graetz

Societal Recursion 2020 September

Interesting how there has been hundreds of different currencies representing values across the globe since the first coin and promissory note was produced.

Societal recursion, in my humble view is basically a mathematical construct, but in the physical realm it is simply seen as feedback loop. And like a guitar put close to a amplifier speaker the feedback will get louder and louder until the screaming tone reaches point of its physical limits.

Now apply that idea to the global westernised population of consumerists that have no way of paying bills or rent.

The Federal reserves and globalists across the world are now breaking the system into a quaint fairy stories about currency value and corporate supports.

2 trillion dollars for this, 4 trillion for that.
The worlds first Trillionaire.
Credit lines for big companies.

What is the saying "Its lonely at the top." Those with the 'Midas touch' or the 'golden goose' that lays golden eggs are scrambling for ways to stimulate and keep the existing systems belief in the money going. They have so many financial systems and unknown banking cartels that it would be a monumental task to regain control of a Greed based system that has reached the top long ago and is looking for the new belief system. Maybe people go digital but as we have seen with the pandemic toilet paper has more value than money in a time of need.

The only real power they have is censorship and thought crimes to invoke on people, which does not matter when you are sitting stranded between the battle for hearts and minds to keep believing in the corporate system. So watch and see the unfolding power brokerage attempt to salve an already dead system.

They will try the crypto, the gold, the massive stimulus to infinity. Just observe rather than engage and start your own community system.

Keep a healthy distance from the attempts to put people in movements and political puppetry. MSM is not your friend neither is social media owned by 5 people in the world kind of makes it redundant. Even if the Powers that be start beating the war drums. The best thing is to concentrate on community within your social and environmental physical realm. That power base of people is more powerful and worth more than money. People that will survive the oncoming chaos are those who can make practical things, food, fixing things, creating tools or trinkets and keep a healthy distance from the negative machine the internet and MSM has become.

"Believe nothing of what you hear, and only half of what you see." - Old saying
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