• A M Graetz

So Mr Assange gets Guilty!!!

This is mere speculation based on some recent media and meme analysis and a few intimations from various influences. So to make the Election time even more gifted with the Blessings of Mass media

and terminal velocity, reaching new subhuman intensity. The interesting P.R shock and twist to an already very bent year would be to release Julian Assange and give people hope and belief in the future of democracy.


The way the analysis works is on a meta interpretative level.

Julian Assange guilty charge will cause a twitter, reddit, messenger, facebook ect. MELT DOWN. timed possibly pre Nov 2020 shock announcement or a week after to quell dissent of whatever way the USA election debacle goes. Whomever it is will most undoubtably use it for the inauguration of Mr ....

(lol thought I was going to put that one in there. No... I don't predict the incoming Demagogue).

The information is that recently came to hand is the Judge announces extradition in UK court in January 2021.

So speculate until then... or just forget it and go back to doom scrolling.

Why would they extradite and guilt Julian I hear you ask?

Because it makes people talk in a world that has had the invisible enemy for 12 months by then. Its time for the Big lady in the Opera to start singing about the end of 2020. I could be completely wrong in my analysis but.... think about it .... just have a try. From a P.R perspective of global news media feeds it needs something and the start of the building storyline of Julian as Saint Freedom starts today.

The drip feed method of slowly building tension around a semi-god not a demigod is in the making of champions.

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