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Pan-demic is the new Pandemocracy the Little Red iphone XI(11) JIN PING

"We now enter the age of the war on consciousness..."
  1. The war on TERROR (or terra; meaning earth) Has lost its impact. Now to the universal airborne war of invisible microbes and thought forms with the ultimate nano tech weapon "Thought" and thought forms dispersed through mass media.

Chinas Corona (meaning CROWN) Virus has definitely taken emphasis of Hong Kong and general riots and protests for Democracy. Notice no cover stories on democracy marches, or Gillet Jaunes (yellow vests) or Julian Assange either? A new air borne PANDEMICS will no doubt in forecast of the next few months invoke new powers of quarantine gulag style. Also new style of human rights abuses in the name of medicine and protecting the broader population. I wonder when the new Corona PATRIOT ACT will come in to stop all Virus's foreign and domestic in the USA?

"Pretty clever of the han- zionist - gobalists..."

Not cultural revolution? But a cultured revolution!!!

In a labratory.

"Yup you guessed it?"

Pan-demic is the new "Pandemocrazy"

Pandemic; (from Greek πᾶν pan "all" and δῆμος demos "people" τρελός Crazy "CRAZY" ) Is an epidemic of mental disease that spreads across a large region via Mass traditional media and social media; for instance multiple continents, or even worldwide. It is a widespread endemic mental belief that a disease is stable in terms of how many people are getting micro-influenced from it is not a digital Democracy but a Pandemocrazy. Throughout history, there have been a number of Pandemocrazies, such as Easter Island, Roman Empire and Petra. One of the most devastating current Pandemocrazies is ruled by a large (nameless) corporations.

So Australian government has put people on Christmas Island, and unused mining camps against their will in the name of protecting the populace from an unknown virus.

So some background information here ( WARNING; next paragraph contains wild Speculation and interpretation of the world as I currently view it).

Terrorism is imaginary, ubiquitous and a constant threat, omnipresent in the world. Terrorism only becomes real when there is vulgar displays of violence or mass murder.

It is the boogey man under the bed. Yet people on mass tire of the same boogey man under the bed storey. It shell-shock and people employ ignorance to protect the mind. So in effect the populace just shut off to it.

So in comes the PR powers that be, they need big daddy to come up with a new scary story and a pill or panacea to quell the pain of all the delusional scary images on the screen in front of there face. BAT Soup, Chinese food. Flights Cancelled, people dropping dead,

Enter COVID 19 in other words ....they've got it COVIRD

The media COVID it

Hmmmm chin stroking moment....



As always this represents no real aspect of the world and is pure opinionated speculative science fiction based on the interpretation of the world in its current status. Enjoy or get offended at your own peril as no one forced you to read this article.

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