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News article from 2024 - The Great Repression. Zeros and Ones society.

THE Year Zero One

What would the world be like in 2024 after the great COVID-19 Corona shutdown of the worlds borders and economies. As totalitarian and Draconian measures are in place and governments and corporations take more Civil Liberties.

What Hypothetical world will we inherit in 2024?

As we all know life is important to preserve and protect in the aspects of a modern society. But why didn't we care before?

Is the question that keeps appearing and disappearing in the meticulous announcement of dead in a tally against the numbers infected. Its interesting to see that the homogenised sequence of decisions of all world leaders, (strange that they're all on the same page at exactly the same time yet with different infection results and numbers). Its almost if the G20 is operating like a well oiled machine of nations in perfect harmony. So when a Medicalised inferno of media and conspiratorial outlets just go forward without a thought or questioning the repercussions. It appears to be future speculation that we are in a global reset of power structures and monetary exchange. Now regardless of the origin of the Pandemic or the Virus. What it is now is a Trope in History that will be remembered and I would propose.

'The Great Repression'. Based on the previous historical trope title given to the 1929 economic crash they called 'The Great Depression.'

What is interesting as a view point is that in 2024 will we have a new gold backed crypto coin. Is this year zero.

"TheYear Zero is a political concept that all culture and traditions within a society must be completely destroyed or discarded. New revolutionary cultures must replace . All of the history of a nation or people before Year Zero is largely deemed irrelevant, because it will ideally be purged and replaced.

Now with computers and the digital age the past can easily be erased as all the information is in non physical form and is basically a code of switches represented by zeros and ones that is graphically represented through an interface of some physical means like a tablet or phone or computer screen. The Year Zero might now be called Year Zeros and Ones. The Binary nature of our hyper connected world seems to have been built enough to maintain the corporations and people able to use technology to work. So that now excludes a vast majority of the population that are not in technical roles or computer connected work. So that leaves only food, power, products, services and Water distribution/production as forms of gainful employment in this new 01 society.

You are either a Zero or a One. There is no middle class it seems.

There are some differences from previously known great financial resets and global power shifts to new societal design. First there must be.a consensus between the military and the future governing people.

The USA has a vast problem that is similar to the movie escape from NY where the Island of Manhattan is guarded off as a prison island. So once the racial and monetary divide happens all the subtle movie references of escape from NY batman you name the lock off the bridges references. It is already being unified in a Passport for those who have immunity and those who do not. (previous articles I have written especially the Rodney King 2.0 reference)

text book stuff on how to initiate a cover-up of financial inequalities and to profit from it. There will be a viral video that will trigger blowback. Staged or not? We are all apart of the play book at the moment. Middle East economy is tanking so expect food riots there. Like 1929 the stuck answer is martial law Hungary president already passed law giving him rule by decree indefinitely. Using CV chaos to pass the bill.

To be continued in a yearly format of forecasting.

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