• A M Graetz

Meme Combo or Membo

As there are no true meme personalities in the human experience.

Created the MEME COMBO. or MEMBO.

To show that all elements of the personality types represented by memes are really a collage of the individual in the digital age.

The fact we have digital images that can share the collective consciousness by using an iconic image to represent either mood, social status and or feelings. This is not a new thing in the human experience. As India and Ancient societies created statues and gods to represent various easily accessible and communicable types of personalities and lifestyle choices. These originate from various musings about planetary transits, sometimes associated with attempting to find semblance in a chaotic often unpredictable world of peoples social spheres.

I know its not the done thing to pigeon hole people into various subsets and categories so the creation of a combo of personality memes is definitely the future of meme culture.

As a image can graphically only contain possibly 5 traits that are visually recognisable.

The above image shows the Bloomer, Doomer and broken bloomer with the obvious neck and triangle hair of the Chad meme. In respect to diversity this can be the honest way of piecing the mosaic personality traits of people in a complex world.

You're welcome!!

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