• A M Graetz

Megan Harry Exit the Royals

Happy Days as the two rebels of the Royal Family with no lineage to the throne have decided to leave official duties. It is a sign of what is to come for a Royal family that has little to no use in a multipolar, global, celebrity, interconnected world. What Harry and Megan have done is face the facts of a demanding schedule and media presence that would negatively impact there own families life. This is a sign of the times where acceptance of dynamic family needs are becoming more to the fore. Authoritarian rule of the past where the Nuclear family was the standard has become something of a relic. There is no more ability to place governmental moral duties in a a world where the Government has no morals of it's own. It will be interesting to see if Harry is ready to face the past of what happened to his mother Diana. How the persuit of Media leading to Princess Diana and her partners death in Paris.

Time will tell how the Royal family reacts to the fact that Royals are no longer leaders or rulers but mere banking and charity board members.

I hope that Harry, Megan and Archie enjoy a life of freedom and the right to live a good family life of simplicity and love. It is unfair for families to place the burden of Global banking and statesmanship on their children and in the modern internet age I am sure Harry will have no trouble finding work at a Canadian Saw mill or 7-11.

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