• A M Graetz

MEDIA , Short the Market, Virus stats.

The Market goes up and down. that is an immutable axiom. What this speculative article will proposition is that there is a distinct if not direct relationship between the list as follows.

A: The Media release of Deaths and infection DATA

B: Racially specific reports to contain a country

C: The Stock market large volume trading rising and falling based on A: and B:

Now you may say this is wild speculation based on the fact that a communist country like china can not be trusted with its state run media. This is contradictory viewpoint as I will state that most of the stream of information on the current virus in question is cut and paste from unverified internet sources. Lies and deception are an old adage of Sun Tzu the author of the 'Art of War.'

"All warfare is based on deception." Sun Tzu

"The true art of war is to subdue the enemy with out fighting." Sun Tzu

Now we live in a world of Chinese whispers, (also known as 'Russian Gossip' and other adverbs about misinterpreted shared information) this game in which a message is distorted by being passed around in a whisper from one person to another, usually in a group larger than two people has the fun effect of seeing the changing the story when it returns to the original persons Whisper.

This transference by additional words or twisting of what was heard can be compared to TWITTER, FACEBOOK and all kinds of mass social media.

Now seeing as the media is racially specific for its reporting standards and the Government follows the media and foreign advisors. There appears to be a deficiency that can be exploited in the way the Markets can identify temporal markers to sell or buy.

Here are some of the temporal markers to do with large companies in the market as follows

  1. Recently Boeing manufacturing of large airline carriers has reached limited production due to malfunctions and crashes.

  2. Tourism has ground to a halt from the most populated market to most countries that rely on tourism.

  3. Culturally specific idioms, tropes and food has been defamed and marred by mass media and fear mongering through the market.

  4. The use of medical isolation of people and the boom of medical investment in vaccines.

So I am postulating the idea that when the market correlates in graph form with the release of mortality data and infection rates. There is reason to perceive a possible market pattern that shorting and quick sales can be made on stocks in the Health industry. This is pure speculation and represents no factual evidence. It is merely a fictional observation of possibilities in an ambiguous world of rumour and myth.

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