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First of all I agree the world needs to change and if Greta can bring more people into the awareness of caring for Nature and its laws. Then Kudos to the young girl. The scary thing is the rise of the Left wing machine like agenda, that seems to have ordained it culturally acceptable to use a child with Aspergers syndrome. I find it unacceptable to use a Child to suit the Personal and Governmental ideologies of individuals Social opinions in our privileged Societies. Now firstly you must see that the media/Government and financiers of Greta are using a Child (not Adult) to forward a fear based societal argument and create division. FACT: Greta is female and a child with mental disorder. FACT: one individual or group are not allowed to criticise Greta Thundberg for her beliefs. FACT: Climate change is not a science that is not proven to have an outcome of any answer other than entropy and death. It is social construct not a science.

Science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organises knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe.

And no one has mentioned the Perihelion effect the earth is going through as of the 5th of January 2020.

Earth is actually warmer when we're farther from the Sun! How can that be? It's because our planet is on an elliptical orbit and earth is tilted 23 degrees as it takes its position furtherest from the sun.

At This moment of life on this planet, we are in a hyper-state of technological, social and financial system change. So inevitably many people will have to suffer the consequence of unregulated progress and Natures necrotic and catabolic cycle. Climate change is not a science, it is catchphrase, trope and Meme that distracts from physical solutions.

So by having a young Swedish girl, that is not able to be criticised or have coherent conversation with in the socratic form of debate, is well... Way to convenient for those who finance her media rise to the front pages of everyones news feed. Pushing the digital agenda of a semi theologically defined movement in environmentalism. This media trope created enrages the Right wing and Left wing into constant battle over a theoretical construct. So the control barriers to real change is never broken down. Cultural disempowerment wins by the use of individuals that are caught in the infinite loop of non-sequiturs. So YES I agree! Pollution is a real thing and eventually it will make food inedible, water undrinkable and life unliveable at current first world people's expectations.

One thing I can see not being discussed at all.

The question of asking the world to go back to a digital / technological cottage industry, neo-serfdom, hydroponic agrarian society of self sufficiency and self organising communities abandoning the idea of the idea of a metropolis. Well it is process of evolution that doesn't work the way the human opinions of 'change' want it to.

Any person who can google history of society will see that it is continuous rise and fall of various sectarian groups across the entire globe. All striving for border security, food and water consistency.

So the human farming methods, modern medicine and technology has taken away natural selection of the human race previously experienced on the earth. With all the drought proofing, medicines and food production on massive scale, we are still at the cross roads of excess and its problems.

And well the garbage bin is overflowing. People can smell something is off and its not going away,

War acts as the forever natural selection method due to the impossible consciousness evolution facing the world.

The negative side of technology is appearing in the fact people are dying from opiate overdoses, cancers from lifestyle and diet, air quality killing people, mass farming techniques creating new diseases and modified foods that are carcinogenic, with a micro-plastic filled fish and ocean that will be unusable in near future.

Now here is more people than ever known before on earth and the idea of controlling the chaos of humanity has shown even the superpowers are incapable of managing their own backyards. One must also take into account that, after all we are part animal, part human. Not the greatest point of evolution, just t the greatest current Apex predator on the earth at this point in time. Our evolution is appearing on a grander stage now with the advent of Unilateral world controls. I compare Greta is akin to a Joan of Arc, Charlie Chaplin, Germain Greer type character. Its not a coincidence that her appearance in the media stage, gives a more feminine balance in the news, possibly to counter the hyper masculine Donald Trump Warrior effect.

The Greta effect is a convenient truth that is unable to be questioned or even discussed. Hopefully it brings a more dynamic approach to nature and regressing to basics to survive.

So Where does that leave us now?

The drive for a child's words to provide answers in a media obsessed world should be warning enough to know that there is nowhere to hide. There is no off planetary luxury island to sip Pina Coladas, all while robots fetch your slippers.

Guess what? I agree with Greta's dire warning that we will all die.

(in a Sylvia Plath kind of way)

Only through facing our mortality do we act in the possibilites of a future worth living. In a future where community is local and is not global, but an actual person to person respect for others and nature. Acceptance and respect of 'Death' as natural cycle is also important to the survival of the human species.

Look at long surviving indigenous societies. They survived climate changes that date back well before documented history started.

How did they do that?

I can say the indigenous were not immune to change, as the European conquering of new lands in history proves that small countries like the Spanish, English, Dutch had little trouble decimating and controlling other cultures with language and technology. Now American Imperialism proves that evolution is not only just environmental but cultural and the internet Greta and Trump effect, appears as the two last rolls of the dice to keep the culture of division going and the power structure with its fearful serfs at beck and call.

What is more profound is the war on Cultural identity is becoming the biggest environmental degredation.

Greta Thundberg is a sign we are heading for a loss of conscious identification with belonging to a consistent future. Even though the history of Volcanic winters from, 1816 for example, shows mass die offs of human beings due to the Ash blocking out the sun for six months happens regardless of how much coal we burn.

The Ecosystem finds balance regardless of human will or technology.

So one could postulate that people are becoming less conscious of reality and more reactive to opinion generating media tropes. This reactive process places everyone in the periphery of human relativity to self and environment. Everyone is looking for ecstatic release in mystical tropes provided. To tell people that things need to go backwards in the progress of the world, is to go against the popular opinion that over rules any form of physical change. We are kept in a perpetual state of fear, change and illusion for a group of Cultural designers that work for the power elite.

In our current human modernity we have merely rebranded everything from the ancient worlds use of money, societal control, image and language. We stand at the precipice of becoming the next code line of the executable machine process in transforming the human towards some hybrid Nano-technological biological evolution. This is something which is far beyond our human comprehension and it will be done by media alone. So as a species we will believe anything the machine code line tells the individual and that in itself is pure human entropy.

In closing we will be unable to define our identity in the Deep Fake, fake news, Virtual reality through the interconnected world. I could predict the winners of the future will merely be those who can physically effect change in line with nature and not the illusory codex of modernity.

Make your own language, create your own world, listen and learn from nature.

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