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GAMBLING ON THE CROWN (Who will be seen as the king of this new eon?)

It seems to be a great construct of the last 20 years since 2000 that the work of refining all the social control methods, religion, products, lifestyle. All the computer modelling and technology in genetics and food and market strategies.

We now stand at the precipice of the climax of 2000 and 20 years of collective evolution into cumulative project of the new world. It's interesting to see that the Grand Chessboard of the world has been played this well for this long. The rising Hubris of the individual en masse of 7 billion individual people giving enough of an audience to the major players to pull a moment in the pages of the unwritten history. I don't do any more predictions just pure speculations on the players in the world poker game competing for a podium finish, or the position of comfort by siding next to the Neo Digital Technocracy leaders. (NDT)



  1. the government or control of society or industry by an elite of technical experts.

So WHO will be the King? (Pun intended)

The Corona Virus or the King Crown of Virus has triggered the war of worlds within worlds. The shift of power and old order coming to a battleground of the exposure of what lies beneath.

Now in a reaction based society that we all live in. I will simplify the modern concepts of control used for society.
  1. Media and war

  2. Sell the fear

  3. Buy the panic

  4. Market the solution

  5. Sell it back to the people as hope for a new market, prosperity and peace.

Within these structures of influence we approach an interesting junction of USA and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) title fight. Now as the two fore-mentioned juggernauts fighting for the economic superiority and war architecture to dominate the market. Its a new evolution into the multipolar world. As the last 500 years of Western dominance from England Europe and then in the last 200 years America's dominance in its cultural, currency and market economy.

Multipolarity described as distribution of power where more than two nation-states have nearly equal amounts of military, cultural, and economic influence.

Now global society approaches a level of uncertainty in this hyper globally interconnected world where you have the strange new algorithm being hypothesised by the great Server in the Cloud. Spitting out various scenarios and percentages based on mathematics, machine learning and statistics like a Public Relations company figuring out how to increase sales on a cake mix. So far some of the concepts inserted into the cake mix by the Internet of things is as follows.

Deep state,

Dark Web,

Artificial intelligence,


Cyber Terrorists hidden behind every web page.

A Virus that is omnipresent killer in the Air that will be (allegedly) here forever.

To Name just a few concepts only seen in the last 10 or so years.

So at moment of this article in April 2020 leaders are gambling with the house's money if the last move on the 'Global Poker Table'. Globalists played the Pandemic card so we are now at the time of the great time of revealing each players cards. The Call has been made no more bluffing time or upping of the Ante. All these hidden elements interlinked at the moment. The major players of power influence and belief in this high stakes poker game know the house's rules and the cards being played.

Yet it will come down to public acceptance or rejection that will enshrine the new leader of the Globalist world. Be it some kind of blockchain herd control, or return to basic market post war economic rules. The revealing of each countries card will be the next lynch pin in the history defining moment. I can not forecast who will capitulate and fold their cards out of the game first. But I do know it will not be China or USA.

2020 is the year to speculate that they will carve a new emperor or king or anti christ into the books. To put it simply at the moment we are locked down on home detention for a Virus that gives government new powers never seen since war time. It is perfect predatory moment for a War Theatre to be set up.

Now that all cards except for WAR have been played, the rising tension is now on the explanation.

In hope that the public maybe having a Seven billionth monkey moment. Where everyone has finally got wind of the deception and it permeates worse than a Virus outbreak ever could. I will stand corrected if people actually define the political future they want in this time of upheaval and change. But I am erring on the side of caution...

Seeing people fight over Toilet paper.

Seeing the air cleaner without the pollution.

Seeing the world with substandard working conditions and PPE at medical workers

Perceiving a world locked at home.

Hmmmm ? As the song made famous by Ewan McGregor in the 90s from the movie Moulin Rouge movie.

"Come what May?"

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