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Economic Munchausen's Market By proxy - COVID-19 monitary virus's

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSBP)

Meaning: It is a mental health problem in which a caregiver makes up, or causes an illness or injury in a person under his or her care, such as a child, an elderly adult, or a person who has a disability. Because vulnerable people are the victims, MSBP is a form of child abuse or elder abuse. It was named after Baron Munchausen, an aristocratic literary figure from 18th-century Germany, with a reputation for tall stories

Munchausen Market Syndrome By Proxy or MSBP is now in the Market crashing on the behalf of a social phenomenon and paradigm of humanity. Its the Media leading the way with a change in economic wealth transfer that has its roots in two areas. The Sickness and the dispersal of the sickness via Government mass media.

This economic crash could be split in two percentages 50% Algorithmic trading automatically based on protecting investments. The other 50% the natural selection via media manipulation of a Virus. In our current 2020 society there is no natural predation on our human species. The general overpopulation, unregulated, un managed growth based around perpetual booming money. Now the world has its moment of margin call. This moment where all the money and loans are at such a distance from real tangible things such as food and water. There is this thing called mortality on mass scale due to panic rather than reality,


So the Government "THE PARENT" of society married in to Corporate Banking greedy values from the 1960s onwards. It has masked its inept fiscal policies and never wants to be seen as the person responsible for the crash. So they have chosen a tall story of a super Virus to cover the economic failures over the last 20 years. A slow decline in anything long term to due to a never ending bull market. This has now become extended into fiscal trauma inflicted on the individual by blaming a 'Virus'. So the eventuality of this Government tall story concocted via a possible globalist meeting such as G20 or Bilderbergs or DAVOS. Where it is generally asserted that things must change and with as little drama or protest as seen in the GFC 2008.

The best way to not get another Occupy movement happening is to declare a killer pandemic and initiate all manner of totalitarian state controls.

The middle class and poor are metaphorically speaking is the child looking to the markets and government to allow and endless profit boom economy. This child like helpless middle class is exploited and abused by leveraging the markets further via demonisation of China and the contagious killer flu that has not surpassed the numbers of ordinary yearly flu deaths statistically. The way it inflicts fear and injury is in its bias towards a consumer only population. The injury is beyond just financial in the social degradation of standards of living and various mental health problems appearing to be more common. People unable to afford the cost of living or have a purposeful job that lasts longe enough to service debt. So once things are out of sync there is a one sided market where Boomers who own the Lions share of real estate and money are now being hit by a Virus that attacks the compromised age related cardio vascular systems.

Now Hypothetically if a mass die off of these rich Boomer generation that expected to live until 100 in care and comfort are now staring at the Yawning Grave out of there financial control.

What then does the Parent generation do?

The Govt MSBP starts with zero interest and helicopter money into the banks expecting all the highly asset backed boomers to buy up all the properties with a fixed interest rate that is record low. If there is a mass die off as hashtags have been also controversially inserted into the media BOOMER REMOVER. Causing another transfer of wealth from the so called eternally lucky generation that has the majority of the money and property in society.

COVID 19 regardless of its origin or its cause. We know one thing is that it has appeared and has aggravated the underlying denial and ineptitude of people to engage with reality.

So now a sickness of the GOVT Banker Corporate MSBP attacks the parent. The economic trauma put on the middle and lower class is now turned on its head. The Virus is committing Parricide and Matricide in the name of a formless un-namable entity. A form of description when the child kills the parent usually used in a metaphor into the death of the state or controlling area of life. When the King is announced dead the money is removed and a new head is printed on the Coin.

But in a Globalist material world... What possible king is there to Die or kill?

The interesting element of 'theoretical Fiat Currency' and 'fractional reserve banking' is that it appears from thin air on a computer ledger somewhere? The money inflation managed by debts, bonds and taxes, fees and other forms of cost to do business. The end result of a theoretical system of money and its counter actions to keep it in a range of feasible currency is by limiting progress, limiting the output of necessities such as food, housing and water. Once these values have been established there is a bargaining chip in which the GOVT MSBP can inflict fear upon the consumer middle and lower classes to keep them working via a debt to necessity. The privatisation of everything is thus a consequence of creating corporate ENTITIES that do not exist with asymmetric risk. For example a bankers failure or stock trade gone wrong is merely a loss of position. There is no physical consequences like jail or punitive punishments.

In steps the villan of the boomers Corona...

COVID 19 the KING of Virus by initial naming it CORONA original Latin meaning Crown, The crown was also a European name for a Coin used in the 1700s. So now in Pandemic proportions of Governments threatening heightened security and lockdown in the self isolation of people. We now have a king that is to die, or that the populace is afraid of.

So what will replace the kings CORONA (crown)?

Will it be a crypto that marries GOLD backed Ethereum and Bitcoin. As we all know (or should) no society works without power being brokered by fear of death and loss of parental figures with all the money?

Will it be a super vaccine that only the select few of society can access and servitude like prison labor to the masters will allow you to have access to the vaccine?

Will it be a new union of third world countries unaffected by the Virus that rise to become the worlds next superpower. Speculating Russia and Venezuela will be there.

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