• A M Graetz


I don’t think there will be the pivotal moment of say a 9–11 as it would have to much scrutiny so it seems that all things are clandestine as they can get. and when the Rumour mill starts in the world.

Well like they say all great empires and leaders were brought down by gossamer more than guns and bullets or protests and riots. So its best to stay out of the actions and make ones own life best as possible. I am not too big on prophecy as most of them are as they say

“Arrows with hastily drawn targets painted wherever they have landed.” ANON.

So it does seem tho its geo political moment where a freak mistake is going to happen. I would say the two movies that are most representative of parallel metaphors in story line at moment. That the powers are trying on for size. These two movie plot lines I would propose to be the 12 monkeys and The Watchmen.

The 12 monkeys is about a Virus that kills 7 billion and there is this time machine that looks like CERN in the show. It is the year of the monkey and all the media outlets are trying PR stunts like ZIKA Virus, Ebola and whatever other scare tactics they can. So are we at that point of the crazed scientist who is a fan of de-population and thus releases the incurable Spanish Flu Black Plague?

Somehow I don’t think so. or Maybe????

The whole Alien thing or meteors falling from the sky seems like a new kind of storyline that could be like the Watchmen’s Dr Manhattan being the nuclear threat. Then the Ozymandis character manufactures an clever illusion that it was doctor Manhattan that destroyed the cities of the world with his powers and not a Nuclear Tesla Power Generator built and hidden in Antarctic by Ozymandis.

I propose there will definitely be a revival of all the old gods and temporary new ones created. Like say a Zeus character but crossed with Siri and the V.R Light show and a few temporary wars.

I know one thing that when you remove all the gas and oil from beneath the earths substrata and pump water in that is less dense. you will have tectonics shifting and well maybe japan will sink and east coast of USA wil be underwater??? But who knows… its always the end of the world in someones world.


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