• A M Graetz

Doomer Fiction before it was cool

Suburban Gargoyle is the shit childhood, the making of a Doomer in the 90's with nothing but everything going wrong and everyone turning against this young boy. He becomes a loner, withdraws and finds solace in art, music, drugs and self destruction.




The second movement is Neon Spiral, Where the Doomer wants to become a Bloomer, yet his Backpacker girlfriend leaves him broke and goes to South Africa to party. After trauma of bad jobs, worse women, and the drinking smoking depression ebbing through every waking hour. He meets a doomer woman and azoomer woman. Life gets complicated with one moment of violence leaving him almost dead. The confusion over the two women he loves the shit job, the broken head all have to be resolved some how?


The Third instalment in the Doomer Tragic Triad.

Soul Nausea. The mad woman of his dreams appears in the mundane working world of loneliness. The mixed relationships, drugs, astrology, homeopathics. The Woman ends up pushing him to be a bloomer, yet she comes from a family of Black widows that kill men for thir money and insurance. The Doomer character has to find himself in the horror of withdrawing again to survive, Somewhere between the mundane working week of sex, drugs and self loathing. Thinking he had met his doomer chick of his life. He finds that the multiple personalities and nymphomania is beyond anything he was able to handle.


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