• A M Graetz

D. M. T. Get COVID-19 Donald, Melania Trump - Election monkey wrench 2020

How strange things have turned in events.

Everyone since the day of Trumps Election was expecting an assassination of the Trump to the point of Memes going crazy across the internet.

Well to tell the story behind the story, I will speculate heavily on the globalist multipolar temporal markers.

This is akin to Boris Johnson getting COVID-19 in the first wave after being elected. So its a kind of Globalist Ying-Yang or confirmation of the disease as historical 'Trope'. Boris Johnson overcame it with the help of mostly migrant nurses and staff in the National Health Service of which BOJO was going to which changed his view on the whole strict racial divisions.

A husband and wife COVID-19 is a confirmation of the energetic change from letting the

American divisions actually come together in the tragedy be it a construct or an actual reality of physicality. No doubt announced exactly on a full moon is of no consideration at all?

A true battle of the Old the New and the Unknown.

that in the balance of the archons and the angels in some ways both the Deep-state and the Freedom fighters seem agreeable on one thing is that the corrupt have become normalised. Which is not beneficial for the polarity of progression in any stance of good vs evil or even in the polarity of basic war and peace.So this spanner in the world's super power turns the world again towards being inwards looking. A new soul searching needing to forget the fake corporate corruption normalising immorality to destroy the world and remake in their image.

In other speculation if the vehicle of untruth is realised then the assassination of either Melania or trump will cause a similar MLK, JFK outpouring. It will purify the news cycle and markets will go in to a freeform boom away from Tech stocks description. We are watching a convergence of Diana Princess of Wales, A food crisis weather related and deaths of someone that will send a nation into mourning.

This is multipolar world at moment. and you can kind of perceive or sense that its pulling it back into dual poles. A constant battle with old ways fighting against the new pluralistic world of mass invention and the Steam age returning in the form of Hydrogen.

Maybe in the dust settling from the chaos of 2020 through to march 2021 the idea of Mining the moon for hydrogen 6, will appear as feasible steps towards world peace unified through purification of borderless digital world and not globalist Blue vs Red, black vs white or whatever single battle lines used to be blooded in the geography of

Anyway shooting the air with words lol

I hope they do get through it but it seems almost like tragedy is implied for the unification of the past 40 years tropes and events happening December 17 2020

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