• A M Graetz

COVID is in the BIBLEs book of Revelations.

It is declared that anyone who does not worship the beast or its image would be killed. The lamb-horned beast from the earth also causes all people to receive the mark of the beast "in their right hand or in their forehead.

Could the Chinese be setting a dangerous precedent as stated in the book of Revelations 13:6 where by the mark of the Beast is the temperature.

Could this be the end times coming true as it is seeded as a necessary scanning of all people in response to the Biological danger.

The rise of authoritarian and totalitarian ideologies, could be the motivation to cause an omnipresent threat. This threat could become a state run vehicle that can not be subverted or questioned due to personal safety.

Pure speculation, but it seems plausible when people are asked to self isolate in mass numbers.

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