• A M Graetz

Coronaliasm the Digital Colony The digital rise of the Mark of Cain 2.0

coronalism /kəˈləʊənɪəʊəlɪz(ə)m/ noun the policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with either virus or digitally protected corporate settlers, and exploiting it economically via social media and mind control.

To put it bluntly the corporate entity is sick of not having full control in a world environment. Where it sees humans as pure statistics to be manipulated and cajoled into their digital feed lots.

So in this age of information where little discernment or critical thought is given to the upcoming generation we approach the cultural cringe.

The corporate governance via a digital world system.

Instead of just forcing criminals onto a boat and giving them free run of a native tribal indigenous country. The new wave of immigration is merely digital migration from one server farm to another. Everyones thoughts and experiences pushed from black cube to black cube. Like a Square pusher in a British prison would deal cigarettes to the fellow inmates. This time on earth it is a digital trigger mechanism hand held square pusher black LCD screen in 4million colours.

In a way the only way to make safe spaces on the earth is to have prisons that people can lock up their phones and devices in like a form of penance to the digital Black cube. This has to be of free will. A person in the future will be shut off from various tools on the internet or shadow banned. So a form of self deprivation from the digital connection is the only solution.

Also peer to peer networks that establish work on barter exchange only of physical goods. Never a monitary or credit system.

So learn a craft or skill people that is your way out of the future prison that you are assisting into being via the market of corporate demons.

For instance rewording the mark of Cain from the bible to give relevance.

In the book of Genesis, after Cain 2.0 kills (peoples) Ability, God curses Cain 2.0 to a life of toil and wandering. As Cain laments his life is in danger, God promises to protect him via the corporate firewall: “The DigitaLord put a mark on Cain 2.0, so that no one who came upon him would kill him. Your avatar would live on in the server farm forever like an Icon.

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