• A M Graetz

Coronaflation #coronafascism

How to get a over valued corrupt unregulated banking and financial market run away train under control (WITHOUT pissing any rich people off)

The invention and marketing of a real virus, that is omnipresent yet forever morphing and becoming more infections and not able to be vaccinated against.

Think about it.

Chinas social credit system

Globalists Covid passport system.

Except for Sweden they have complete immunity because they were neutral in the WAR (against covid)

and didnt shut down.

Whoops will all this state support of the unemployed and zombie business's mean a JAB from the man in the White Laboratory white coat?

HMMMMM? Chin stroking in deep thought about September and the Market correction they need to hide the US election replay of George Bush Jnr Florida recount 2.0 that happened in December of the year 2000.

What Happened next in a years time on a date in early september NY hmmm?

Which weapon of mass destruction meant Airports had to be beefed up 3d scanners?

Chin Stroking moment Hmmmmm?

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