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CORONA VIRUS,12 Monkeys, NATO, GLOBAL Cassandra effect. WUBOLA

Cassandra was a daughter of Priam in the Greek myth. Daughter to the King of Troy, Apollo provided her with the gift of being able to foretell the future, but when Cassandra refused Apollo’s romantic advances, he placed a curse ensuring that nobody would believe her warnings. Cassandra was left with the knowledge of future events, but could neither alter these events nor convince others of the validity of her predictions.

The metaphor has been applied in a variety of contexts, such as psychology, environmentalism, politics, science, cinema, the corporate world, and philosophy, and has been in circulation since at least 1949, when French philosopher Gaston Bachelard coined the term “Cassandra Complex” to refer to a belief that things could be known in advance.

Is it a complete coincidence that also in 1949….

In 1949, there were 12 founding members of the NAOT Alliance: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the United States.

12 monkeys is a Science fiction story based on the French movie La Jetée (1962). This movie was an expression of the past, present, future and the after effects of the World War III, tracing the life of a man, a slave who travels in time to find a solution to the world’s destiny.

12 monkeys is set in 2035 where humanity lives underground due to the air borne virus that kills 5 billion of the worlds population. The spoiler is that when Science and the Insurance companies get together with global effect of an incurable disease. The Scientists and Insurance brokers power and secure positions as Lords and Masters over humanity is guaranteed. Always searching for a cure with a population of trapped humans in underground bunkers to experiment on.

Now how does this utilise time travel, prophecy and the curse of Cassandra effect in not being able to express or be taken seriously about the future predictions?


The Wuhan Province of China is now at point of Pandemic which with record winters due to continue in the Lunar New Year of the GOLDEN RAT. It could only be a recipe for disaster. It sounds very much like the 12 monkeys plot of a world of people living underground while the virus does its thing.

Animals rule the earth again. Certain people are chosen to wear Hazmats suits in the movie and made to go above ground to find plants or things that may find the cure to the disease. Spoiler alert for the 12 monkeys movie The crazy leader of the 12 monkeys cult to rid the world of overpopulation and the corporations hands the virus in a suitcase to a man called "Peters. He safely gets aboard the plane with the virus, sits down next to Jones, one of the scientists from the future, who comments that her job is “insurance.”


The weird thing is that Governments around the world develop all kinds of bio-weapons and possible cures incase some other government has the bio weapon. Now who profits when there is a vaccine.


What could possibly be worth more than gold, oil and diamonds and be produced on an industrial scale.

HMMMMMM? Vaccines would definitely open trade barriers?


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