• A M Graetz


The strange world of CORONA or COVID 19. Strange new Laws appeared and passed in panic and threat of the possible death of everyone under a new PANDEMIC. What happened to cool heads and wise decision making. The world will now come to know the new rules of engangement from 2020 onwards.

  1. SELF ISOLATION instead of Isolating Sickness to home or hospital

  2. SOCIAL DISTANCING instead of physical distancing and awareness of your bodily contact and hygiene.

  3. CORONA VIRUS STIMULUS Instead of Economic Rescue packages and Humanitarian Aid.

So now we lived in a hyper masculine state of Biological Terror installed by the Government that is unanimous in agreeance on how to shut down every social gathering and business. In a time of crisis and blame for the causes of economic downturn will be fairly based on a Biological (invisible) Enemy of the state, people and global corporations.

The Apathy engenders social impacts far worse in than the Economic or Virus time bomb.

People who think this is going away are wrong. The new governmental powers will lead to unsurpassed control over the populations of the world. In the name of safety the word 'FREEDOM' will be rested from the people. An unfortunate time to be alive and knowing the outcomes of a Globalist Cabal/ Group that are hell bent on population control at any cost. Now watch the people allow it to happen in the hyper media saturated state of fear and hystreria backed by Martial Law.

As the web page From Rome Web page states in the article linked below, "No State has the authority to shut down a Nation.

"If we start obeying insane political leaders we have opened pandora’s box. Germans decided to do that in 1932, and that lead to the deaths of 50 million human beings." by Br. Alexis Bugnolo (march 21 2020 )

https://fromrome.info/2020/03/21/no-government-has-the-authority-to-shut-down-a-nation/#comments ) I have no interest in the web page or endorse or promote but its reference is given by necessity.

This virus has definitely hit the mark on a huge deficiency in Democracy that is now rising from the years of unregulated Banking and Boom without bust economics. Now a new Spanish inquisition type COVID 19 on a Global scale. This will rise from the unemployed masses and Fascist state ideology of violence and neo Darwinism. This zombie style promotion of brutality and sickness fear will most definitely be a source of Corporate profit from the demise of society.


  1. The human ability to form small community based democratic groups in defiance of the Government. Those who will succeed and live because of their help of their fellow human beings and not the exploitation of their fellow human beings.

  2. Unified groups that operate on respect and tolerance of the fact a true democracy must stay in constant question of itself and maintain evolutionary principles of dynamics to change.

  3. Live in respect of nature and even its darkest otherwise it breeds something far worse in denial of nature and its laws.

  4. The feeding, housing, clothing and educating of the world not one person excluded is basic right of entire human species.

  5. Zero tolerance for the Lie

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