• A M Graetz

APRIL MAY JUNE 2020 Forecasting

Well we fast approach the big 23, 24 25th March 2020 Paradigm change. (Will dot point the following for ease of view for short attention spans). This forecasting based on a piece of hardware that usues previous history cycles and the new paradigm cycles of technological breakthroughs and the use of absurdist media techniques of mass mind control,

Art by Ashley M Graetz

  1. The mega rain events continue and sea events around the Easter time of Moons plus or minus 3 days of full and new moons. Note: Australia may have 1956 flood redux in next few months around time of king tide backing up the flow of the Murray River.

  2. Food delays as harvest delays from all countries and trade embargo and tariffs that get new models of trading as certain shortages and higher expenses from cross the board losses in harvests. Also shipping lanes are delayed and port delays make a month of losses

  3. Virus gets more specific in its release and its certain areas of the earth that it is concentrated. The human losses are compounded by it being shorted by the computer automated trades to curtail losses on the stock market.

  4. New concept in belief's stray away from traditional beliefs and start to take on a more sinister trending element through social media. A lot of people are influenced in cult like behaviour that causes big tragedies that polarise the media and public alike. New laws ensue and world turns more Totalitarian at same time it becomes more obsessed with freedom and rebellion.

  5. Media will be obsessed with water based subjects, all things to do with water and industries or human behaviours involved with water. This will coincide with certain cultures being isolated due to virus media/Govt designed sequestration.

  6. The May time if the water events have done there amount of damage to the substrata in the earth then high zones of earthquake tremours will see major earth shifting events. India, NZ Nepal, Greece, Argentina, Southern American plates around the gulf of Mexico area, or a Santa Cruz 1989 earth quake event California and San Francisco.

  7. Possible big health scare with the Presidential election 2020. Massive shift in perception around the reveal of the change in people running in the Presidential race.

  8. New Geological finds in the earth that reveal earths origins.

  9. New bone and skin health discoveries that are medically applicable to people, due to research out of new problems arising from complications due to human creations.

  10. Royal family dissolves further with a tragedy following some good news that appears to have the world and markets are polarised. This will be discussed and almost cause meltdown on the rumour and conspiracy channels of discussion.

  11. Major amalgamation of Airlines due to losses.

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