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9-11-19 The Palindrome Snake Effect on Earth

The date of a powerful effect that contains the numbers 9-11 both forwards and backwards constitutes a Palindrome.

Take note There are 5 digits.

The Milad un Nabi celebrations of the Muslim Prophets Mohammad's birthday is celebrated on the the 9th of November 2019 until the 10th. In Pakistan this is celebrated with flag raising and gun salute. India Muslim devotees in Jammu and Kashmir, Muslims visit the Hazratbal Shrine. And Jammu Kashmir has just been stripped of special status in 'Article 307'. Now only national Indian Flags will be flown on state buildings. So in speculation the possibility of Annexation or Assassination, Mosque or temple attacks are very possible to initiate a very large populations movement.

5 is the symbol of the snake and is representative of change like a snake changes its skin.

In the F.A.A.N.G stocks, Apple has out performed all the other stocks which looks over inflated market movements that suggest a crash. Why Apple?

What does it have to do with Snakes?

There is debate on the logo that it might be the apple of knowledge that Adam ate from the serpent of wisdom when offered from Eve. Another trigger on the 91119 day.

In Medical terms the Snake represents the idea of innovation in curing disease. This could be the time of a massive breakthrough in medicine that will be talked about its impacts for the next decade. Snake represents infinite loop when the snake eats its tail. So it could be something to do with increasing life expectancy significantly. Or it's the ability to regenerate limbs and therefore organs for people. Snake also represents the nervous system so breakthroughs with mental problems also a big possibility around this day.

The 'Snake' - 'Religion' also comes up in google as The Vatican building that looks like a serpents face and has a roof curvature almost comparable to the symbolic representative of a serpent. This could be the tipping point of the Muslim immigration issue and a return to the 'Inquisition 2.0' that starts contagion in the market crash. Speculating that this will put more pressure on the mass migration, general unrest and high unemployment. This may not happen on this day but the locals are restless in Europe regardless.

The rise of mysticism in the western world is a perceived massive threat to all religions, which is basically corporations where men wear dresses instead of suits. So in history the kings and popes of their time would preside over mass trauma from food shortages unemployment, failure of the church and state that leads to war or inquisition/revolutions in favour of the church and state.

'I pet goat' By Heliophant Video animation on You Tube shows a Sufi spinning as the war ends and a new Moon rises above. The animation portrays the rebirth of a Christ figure that contains all the religious symbology of unification on his forehead. This is after the Christ figure destroys the corporate suits in the mass effect and the TV screen with serpent like body runs away with its single eye, Leaving the child with the broken mind from TV (e-media) to recover. It also shows the church and the Masculine religious and corporate Patriarchy falling in many symbolic representations.

In the news Leonardo DiCaprio has sided with Greta Thundberg on climate change. The self proclaimed face of the excesses of Hollywood attempts to side with the installed face of Climate Change Warriors. Greta claims to be autistic/aspergers. Which in articles written by mass media giants claims quotes her as saying "Its a superpower."

Leonardo in most of his youthful appearances were with known sexual predators. So I can't imagine this union of two media Tropes of different age groups being beneficial, for either climate change movements or environmental degradation by humans. In reference to the forementioned 'I pet Goat' The child with the broken mind controlled by the eye serpent of the media TV screen could be a disparate connection but it makes sense now that Greta has been associated to Lisa Simpson episode.

So internet Virus or shutdown. Maybe one of the 'Big Leaks' happen either by chance or by design? Who knows I just thought it interesting that no one is looking at this day 9th November 2019 in the beaconing moments of 2020.

I am not saying all this will happen around the exact date. You have to plus and minus 3 days from the date 9-11-19 The reason given is because of GMT time and solar time are not the same all over the earth.

So 9-11-19 will happen on a day before and after depending on where you are in the Geography of the world.

Be safe everyone and know its all "History is a Mistory when looking into the future." A.M.G

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