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A.I The new Godhead


A.I The new Godhead

It is the Deus Ex Machina that resolves he world plot.

First to insert the idea that Artifi-CIA-L intelligence is potentially dangerous. So Governments in the face of ruination and inability to use Terror/Religion/drugs/war to control the masses will turn to the last desperate invention.

A black box like mecca and the Jewish temple.

Except it will be autonomous in the perception inserted into the media and therefore the public will come to invent the greatest threat to man.

A Man made God.

The Rogue A.I in which the clandestine governments and bankers of the world will ensure servitude of the masses while the environment becomes unsustainable biologically for Humans.

It has one fatal flaw and flow on effect.

But eventually in this speculative prediction in global governance you will experience it first hand.

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