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Supporting anyone who wants to Plant trees or Change things for the better

If everyone just had the idea that you can make a difference in your own world. Then that is enough.

If people were more prepared to look at things from a compassionate and decent value of human existence.

We would be solving problems and not reading about them.

The World can be created in a persons image. And where does Image come from?


If one person was to look at the world with the idea of anything is possible and that the smallest change, with little to no financial or external gratification other than personal accomplishment of an idea of Truth, Honesty and Decency. Then I think the trajectory of life is a lot healthier than the alternative.

I was driving home from work and saw a girl walking down the road in school uniform holding a ripped square of cardboard with a painting of earth. The words painted in red "THERE IS NO PLAN(ET)." It was a shocking scene yet powerful piece of art and a definite new Trope of our digital age.

I guess 'Climate Action' day happened at most schools yesterday and wondered if it is really going to inspire or depress people.

I am sure that awareness is a good thing...

But how about Re-hacking the planet in the future present. Getting minds together to find practical solutions. My Cousins web page inspired me to put more effort into the idea of producing solutions and putting them into practical ideas.

My cousin's website idea of IMPACT HACK is a great start on the journey of change to see a better world and bring people together and find these practical ideas about living the.

Image from https://impacthack.io/ .

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