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2020 predictions that may come true

Camla harris takes the US election after trumps health declines.

Massive crash in the economy. SDR (or something specific) special drawing rights put into place to balance out the world economy.

GOLD gets too big to handle governments repress public buying powers.

Silver rises to 40 per Troy ounce.

The media moguls take a beating. Especially the Murdoch and Disney empire. The health issues and lack of vision leads to overreaching making the crash. Royal families exposed and fall. So someone appears into the foray to change the public perception. New kings New money both real and digital across the EU and Asia.

The money changes the elements of transport and a boom in electric vehicle becomes the focus of saving the environment.

Riots become the new norm of public disruption ... Very weird trends in youth rising against the normality with extreme self assertions. Some extremist movement sways a lot of lost generations. Australia hit by record fires and some major floods. Food security overtakes the border concerns.

Japan, China, India and Russia form powerful alliances.

America becomes quite impoverished with a small elite in sanctuary cities. Camala Harris over capitalises and has a very quick exit from the white house as the most harsh political climate in American history takes hold of the country.

Northern hemisphere gets winter armageddon massive starvation deaths on farms...

Brexit becomes the red herring it always was. EU loses most of its controls as uprisings and revolutions and protests take hold.

Alien invasion becomes a more media saturated belief system...Gets a kind of cult recognition and bible like theatre starts to ensue.

A.I becomes a strange influence politically to scare the public and automation used as excuse to posture around unemployment reaching record heights. Shadow govt starts its wired world war online... A digital bucket of damming evidence gets released. The Julian Assange effect possible martyr effect happens. Various shadow elements in the internet used as way to shift new political movements.

Massive immigration problems after food crops die and stocks dwindle. The disease narrative becomes massive as various sinkholes and landslides, jungle fires (amazon) add to the unearthing of diseases carried by bats and other flying animals/birds and insects. The Fear spread from Africa to Europe and vice a versa.

The FAANG stocks take a beating as demands and clarity is called for in the market. Share buy backs and algos get regulated or attempts at regulation.

In closing this is pure speculation:

2020 in roman numerals is MMXX.

I think those symbolised by the Ace of cups Tarot card and Tower card. The January reset starts 21st 2020 and the crescendo is set for 26th of December 2020

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