• A M Graetz

MEME America Great Again.

Should be easy to tell that we are on the end game of American Exceptionalism. We now seem to be at the digital tipping point of the internets influence on any real side. As the homogenised netizens find themselves unable to find political feilds of representation. The more plural and gaudy the media becomes. End game is a meaningless platform that people do not find any real representation in.

MEME's are some kind of simplified visual representation of this plural world and multipolar perspectives. Yet as the failing governance of the large vast and intricate social fabrics become indefinable and absolute in there contrary nature. The eventual force of Fascism fast approaches on one of the four horses of the Apocalypse. I am not stating that the world will cease to end or the internet will become unpopular over the period of the next 10 years. It is more that the value of the internet will be lost in its inability to stay creative and anarchic. Ergo we have a definite return to more tangible things. Physical rather than the mental control will have to be the answer in some way or another.

#MAGA #Memes #memerussia #memecrack #americanimperialism

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