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POLY-apitalism- MONO-Fiat-human Currency — Alternative Investment.

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Apr 20

It is 2019 the year of our Lord.

Which in what seems to be the Human planetary organisations last gasp attempts to revive faith in centralised Government/corporate control of various techniques by the current oligarchy to control the flow of exchange. The constant developments of concepts and money and various changes in how to exchange good and money.

At the moment we have.

Online Crypto currencies i.e Bitcoin.

Fiat Currencies.

Physical Precious metals Gold and Silver.

Of course The Powers that be (Corporate and State) would love a cashless economy and their money sanctuaries in little Caribbean Islands to avoid Tax and live the good life. All the while throwing a few scraps to the middle class and barely anything to the whatever is left over class. to keep the maids, gardeners and tradespeople building and maintaining the Powerful peoples mansions and luxury toys in working order.

The Corporate Media/pop-culture religion looks after the perception management of the masses. Keeping the Devils at bay while promising a Heaven that does not exist on earth or elsewhere.

…But rest assured there is always a sequel in the pipeline.

The Clandestine arms of Government look after the financing of various theatres of death destruction and controversy.

As Shakespeare once fortuitously wrote

… All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages…

Now that we have the setting on the terrestrial stage and various players and new concepts of money that we can choose from. So the million dollar question; which form of exchange comes into the world stage and takes the lead role and which one exits?

Does the Black market become the new grey market economy as the stage is set for a new kind of evil long standing proxy war. It appears to be a Naval future war theatre. As by common logic if any farmlands or cities were attacked in conventional warfare, repercussions would be global and catastrophic globally. Whole countries would have mass starvation and internet based markets around the world would go bankrupt, taxes would be lost, mass unrest in all places…. So the only conventional place to have mass battles is in the South China sea and the Indian ocean.

Now a quick side step in the article to introduce the main players in this future game of coins.


Computing in its basis promises Stability, Singularity, Binary, Equilibrium, cold logic. Reason and clear definitions due to its machine like ability to process all elements into outcomes and information that has never before existed on the known earth (historically speaking).

What the internet has given the world?

The complete opposite the world is more divided and device and isolating, proximity based relationship and chaotic since the information machine age has been introduced.

Point taken Banking transfer of goods and logging of human GPS and various systems have been made more efficient by the cold logic of the machine information age.

What matters is what the world wants to use this new tool to do and how it emotionally relates to the human world. Being a great cruncher of numbers is a one trick pony.

How does the internet go Marie Kondo and make human relations, market economies become de cluttered and more simplistic?

Is that the future of the Economies of the world?

Social Credit Emoji

The two most population expanding countries is India in First place and China second.

As shown in China the information technology and education and removal of rural uneducated people to the cities. Statistically people no longer have the family values or wants to procreate due to the expense and knowledge attained. What ever the reason the stats talk of a slowing population growth.

This is a definite trend shown in the comedy movie Idiocracy.

Idiocracy the birth rate scene.

India has a large Semi Rural (mostly conventionally uneducated) poverty riddled populace. The people still have the belief that children are the only investment for old age retirement and control of lands and money.

Now compare this to Western Democracies USA, Austral-asia, EU and include Capitalist Socialist systems like China and Russia. These places are modernised to the point of having equal technology and manufacturing and economic stature in the world.

Birth Rates are plummeting due to what factors other than the internet of things invoking the most narcissistic generation of people to traverse the earth?

So what is the future profitable investment? When human population and consumerism is a declining investment…



So as per the Chinese bank allowing these companies to institute the Social Credit system. Choose similar stocks to what China has already listed as there main players

Among these eight firms is Sesame Credit, owned by Alibaba Group, Tencent, as well as China’s biggest ride-sharing and online-dating service, Didi Chuxing and Baihe.com, respectively

So in western terms it could be the likes of UBER, Tinder, Google, Basically the F.A.A.N.G group of companies will be possibly the fore runner of Social Credit system to enforce the new laws of paying taxes and bills and whatever the Government stipulates as its terms.

In closing:

With all the social experiments attempted in the modern world to find an efficient method of managing humanity. It has been said many times before natural world has its own plans that can not be legislated for or against.

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