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John Lennon Imagine(d) the Digital age


when you dissect what John Lennon was saying verse by verse by verse the call for a reductionist world of novelty and simplicity. Yet somehow the irrational human condition is more prone to find existential release in the unknown, unusual and rebellious behaviours. Now that humanity seems to not have a pattern, leader or demagogue or politically/theologically defined outcome. We are at the Vague New world.

I the reader of this article (at the very least) feels the concept of a comparing John Lennon's ‘Imagine’ song about humanities possible harmony to the digital topology of speculative binary future predictions talked about here?

“Imagine there’s no heaven” — John Winston Lennon

In a digital world of the internet of things? The human race has advanced our common knowledge and global connectivity with an image based culture of encyclopedic facts and sciences. This handing of the libraries of the world and just general entertainment of trolling and debunking has its comparison in John Lennon's lyrics to the song Imagine.

It has left the mystical traditions of an unknown God or creator at the feet of dying organised religions and the brainwashed few.

The youth, middle-class fearing the elderly mass of parents draining the world's resources in their fear of death at the end of the most excessive and debauched rise of a generation where their ideology has led to disastrous mostly detached behaviours. In this yearning for a new theologically defined middle-class way of life that has meaning.

“It’s easy if you try” — John Winston Lennon

Where all things are at the push of a button. The collective wants to find a digital tribe of acceptance in an image-based online world. The ease of ordering online, the news feed. The Fridge that scans your food and tells you the recipes based on contents of the fridge. The feeling of being on the pulse of the world and not left out by being fed the same images and following the similar ideologies on the net. In Pre-internet times it was merely two media outlets of TV and newspaper that informed the public. Advertising has a simpler language of our collective agreement.

Now Advertising is ubiquitous as all humans have become their own personal billboard. This ease of acceptance with an easy detachment of zero responsibility has pulled the social being from the difficulty of a person to person tribe. Now the human has an existential and paradigm shifting problem of relation to history to a personal being. The trades of old are only a video search away to fix your car or make a cake.

Yet the culture of a trade is lost in a moment of the skipping and scanning through the backlit screen in front of your face. Essentially you are interacting with a torchlight with dancing puppeteers. Or as Plato wrote about the prisoner in the Cave and his myopic view of the world based on dancing shadows that the prisoners' imagination invents new worlds based on what they perceived.

Plato Theory of Forms to prisoners chained in a cave, unable to turn their heads. All they can see is the wall of the cave. Behind them burns a fire. Between the fire and the prisoners there is a parapet, along which puppeteers can walk.

We essentially play with a shadow puppet digital form of myopia towards ignorance and simplifying the human condition.

“No hell below us”. — John Winston Lennon

The Server Farm has moved from the underworld to the Terrestrial plane.

The fact that servers require a temperature that is generally cold and with the least amount of humidity. This Hell on earth must be illustrated as possible server farms and digital storage factories. The heat generated by the information we all cling to as if it were an identifier of the self-acceptance and individuality. According to most general computer knowledge, a server room is generally optimum to stay between

64.4F (17.1C) and 80.6F (27.C)and relative humidity should be between 45–50%.

Now if we turn to global temperatures and the humidity increases in previously less humid geography seems to be the way of the future. This can only bring about a battle of heaven and earth in the management of the digital world and the internet of things. The Block-chaining technique of creating a Block is merely a power draining asset. Nothing more. You could almost speculate that power prices will be tethered to blockchain and the fluctuation of the market will be like watching power usage of the number of mining blocks placed against the value of the requirements to run the physical world.

The internet speculates (based on averages) that a miner going 24/7 produces 0.85 bitcoins per year, costing 15,000 kilowatt-hours. Depending on power prices it cost $600 (at 3 cents per Kwh) to $1,800 (at 9 cents per Kwh) to mine one coin.

“Above us only sky” — John Winston Lennon

John Lennon’s Lyric could be interpreted as a cloud-based reality where wirelessly, we can all access our billion parts of audio and visual information at the touch of button or voice command. Where entertainment and shopping are streamlined by interactive technological items including drones flying to our houses. Privately giving us a safety of digital distance and a robotic slave class to which we could define ourselves.

A possible future where System administrators, robotic repair technicians, and coders are the only physical jobs left in the economy other than the Brave New World of internet entertainment. The digital sky — cities of New York, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

The future of a dancing morass of human behaviour begging for cryptos or recognition of the new digital citizenship of a global benchmark. To attain certainty of belonging to the internets most popular tribal meaning systems.

Remember by definition of imagination we are all trapped by self-negating paradigms. Digital Avatar-ism removes the physical condition of consequence.

We activate a new kind of synergy of communication within the psychedelic and visual fabric of our digital hallucinations to become new meaning senses and the recreation of symbols.

We use now in 2018 such terms as “Google it” or “swipe left” and “Instafamous.” All relative to digital tools and invented as needed.

What lies next in the advancement of code literacy will become a whole new dictionary where most words used pre-digital age will become an archaic novelty.

“Imagine all the people living for today” — John Winston Lennon

Where all people are in a perpetual Marxist socialist system of digital economic and political control. Where you can upvote your crypto taxes or crowdfund certain areas of the economy without governance. A world without the self-serving and flawed systems of forethought and political ideology coerced and corrupted by the repetitively of Democracy.

A mathematical omnipresent and indisputable blockchain of certainty that the people rule on instinct rather than experience. Now what problems could arise from this the future to inform the individual (in the collective) of the dangers when climate disasters usurp all logic and clever machine learning.

A species of human-triggered into action with the use of technology to save ourselves rather than distract from ourselves.

A neo mind colonisation of the mind in formal and validated visual and auditory tautology. Possibly the two hemispheres of heaven and hell are a balance of the two parts of the psyche through indisputable digital binary oracle we are all creating through the world wide web.

“Imagine there’s no countries” — John Winston Lennon

A world without firewalls might be impossible. But the ideology of people belonging to a coloured piece of cloth or army protecting its people’s culture is almost at breaking point. The internet of things and peoples identity is revealing a tense breaking point. That most animosity is generated by influence and not human nature. Artificial Intelligence (A.I) Machine learning has its roots in a racist almost negative view of the human condition.

Imagination is the last vestige of a human paradigm in a connected, one-world urbanisation that has only a thin line of collective ability to solve the natural worlds problems by producing collective solutions of peoples’ imagination. Any idea will become plausible and the pace of revolution will be at the pace of experimentation and the dropping of the Governance and stifling of systems of creativity. The coming together of people in the face of the eschaton, or End of the world scenario, due to climatic shifts. Is this the new monastic phase of most science fiction novels and media.

Or is it our future to embrace the science fiction theatre of Zombies grey architecture and the totalitarian dystopian model?

“It isn’t hard to do … Nothing to kill or die for” — John Winston Lennon

The Gaming platforms of EA sports and the rise of blockbuster championships for Gamers, drone flights and artificial races based on random algorithms. This strange world where to quote a Trainer of racing greyhounds that… (sic) In the future, you will never see an animal or human in competitive sports because of the distrust regarding physical harm and corruption. We will instead become more interested in the wetware of plants and their ability to survive and commune with technology.

Now I may postulate that Instead of a competition-based society clawing for the most toys and consistency. A kind of acceptance of life and death in the strengthening to survive a new kind of digital and climatic plant-centric lifestyle appears. I also propose that tropical terraforming becomes a factual future at the expense of glaciers and deserts. A digital John Lennon reality based on the reductionist ideology usurping the history of known ideas. The electronic serfdom could give way to an audiovisual transformation of multipolar dialectic languages. That imagined one singularity on a terrestrial and Air based wavelength such as 4G or 5G.

“And no religion too” — John Winston Lennon

It has left the mystical traditions of an unknown God or creator at the feet of dying, organised religions and the brainwashed few. The digital priesthood will be those who order the machines at the highest level, the coders with the ultimate backdoor to the A.I interactivity algorithms. So there will be that movement of code in a magnetic medium and it will allow the time continuum to be better defined. Not by just the time-stamping abilities of accurate machines but the analysis of dimensions in outer-space and functions that were indistinguishable to the human consciousness which will be further defined and proven. The hurdle of psychology will be traversed where humanity was previously stuck in a dark age of mythology and irrational capitalist religious hegemony.

“Imagine all the people living life in peace, you”

A kind world is a world in constant change where consistency is something to describe a fabric texture or density of something tangible. This peace spoken about is as they would say when survival becomes more important than checking how many likes your selfie got… You.


“Imagine no possessions” “I wonder if you can” “No need for greed or hunger” “A brotherhood of man” “Imagine all the people sharing all the world, you”

Songwriters: John Winston Lennon

Imagine lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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