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How the Media Bends time (your time)

The media are brilliant at getting the masses into the right position. If Obama was named Marketer of the Year (Oct 17, 2008 - Ad Age's CMO Choice Award Winner. Obama Wins) And Style and Ethnicity won over any Substance and Experience. Then it is easy to spot how 'your' Timeline is being bent via all the media platforms. Trump is perfect example of how to distract and rule, with bites of information that are Absurd, abusive and or irrelevant and at a guess allegedly done by a marketing team of about 5 people. Through this drip feed method the human field of interaction is then busted away from any coherent form of discussion. Meme modalities keep everything distracted and click farms in Russia, Bangladesh and India keep the viral narrative continuing. Being that the internet is a Topological system and not a free expressive anarchic platform.

"A network topology is the arrangement of a network, the physical topology "

So how does this bend time? you ask me.

By the time the pre planned tweets of Trump or various Bitcoin controversies or famous star dying on certain days usually corresponding with some Monitary policy or get out of jail free card used for the masters of the Market and control Topology.

You can see it perfectly when Australia wants to create a race division to distract the public. It calls Australia Day 'Invasion day. Then sets the ABC (vassal arm of British Broadcasting Corporation).

So essentially you are living in someone elses past that they construct very well in real time NEWS as the present.

By the time the public digests and forgets (which is getting quicker and quicker). The time spent has been sufficient for

people to have not been present for the actual news of now.

We accept that what we see and hear and read is some kind of constructed real time. Yet it is constructed carefully months before to align with certain benchmarks that are set.

Do we care?

I am not sure if caring is the point or awareness with healthy sense of detachment would enable more or less the time bending to stop. Reality is a finite thing used and constructed to play emotional narratives for the control of thought and not much else.

9-11 2001 was the greatest Time bending in the world that bought narratives that went well into 2005 until the 2008 crash. Topology of the internet is exactlyTopic based. Research and movie narratives used as test audience by Hollywood and various other streaming services to seed the populace. Now I know this is not NEW NEWS.

But it should be at least considered that your time is being stolen one news story, one tweet and one controversy at a time.

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