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Published part book LGBTQI PRESIDENT OF USA on reddit

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Finally some Creative Exoneration published before it happened


This book in no way supports or condones war or any of the political divisiveness, talking points that are inserted into the public's consciousness. This is purely speculative science fiction based on current systems, media ideology and technology available.

Such a complex character does exist in a world of mythological corporate takeover of the human world.

If this story has any similarities to the outside world it is purely coincidental and not the author's intention in a fictional piece such as this.

The story was written because of a various character that can evoke in the world a relatability to the feeling of being an ‘Outsider’. Now as technology grows beyond our human control. Our awareness and consciousness and the feeling of ‘outsiderness’ is growing. Therefore people are extending themselves into new and bigger definitions to force evolution of the mind and difficult pleasure of living as a being on earth.

Our psychology has given a new language of DATA and this represents ourselves in the common evolution. The digital born are the ones who will inherit the earth. The binary Born not the analogue Baby boomers that saw the profit of war are the new paradigm creators.So I expect to get trolled or vilified or even no reads as much as possible but in the essence of the thing this is an exploration of spirituality, psychedelics, Quantum Physics (in concept only), LGBTIQ, Deep-State, globalist politics, general human interactions and good ol fashioned action sequences.

Note to the reader

Enjoy with light humour of course always. People may consider this speculative science fiction or Psi-ence Fiction being that there are certain similarities in the modern world or media saturation of stories.

Well if the narrative of the world is surmised by what people choose to believe and what they do then we are all doomed by inaction.

So to write something with a vast amount of speculation and imagination based on what is known is nothing new.

This is not some paid ideology I just like the idea of characters in the world that have mythical stories attached to them and I speculate on the idea as much as I can go.

Seeing as imagination is just a tool and nothing more enjoy the fact that the future is merely actions based on a tool’s use.

And if you have no tools… Then Get some!!!

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