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The MASK of Modern Society is Dropping (the internet’s room of mirrors in the mind)

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What seems to be happening in Society is s reflection of our own belief systems. As previous generations and Societies have fallen merely on rumour ,chemicals in food supply and climatic influences. Now we stand on the precipice of a different extinction event that relates to more than the Human physical, Animal, and Natural worlds demise. We are destroying the Human experience with the Smoke and Mirrors of a reflective society.

This is what has been deemed as ‘REFLEXIVITY’ in our current theoretical

Reflexivity refers to circular relationships between cause and effect. A reflexive relationship is bidirectional with both the cause and the effect affecting one another in a relationship in which neither can be assigned as causes or effects.

Our Narrative is ‘OSTENSIBLE’




Stated or appearing to be true, but not necessarily so.


In our Humanoid form of physical existence we have an ‘Ego’.




A person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.

This distinctly human trait was developed in harsher times of human existence for self preservation. But now we have gone into ‘Hyper Egoistic’ or ‘Super Egoistic’ Existence at moment. Ego has been managed over the years by Mysticism, Nature Worship, Religion, War, Science and Politics.

“How is the Ego Hyper now?”

First I must explain where the elements of human perception are at, in this current moment.

We find ourselves at the centre of the Universe in a singular ‘Binary’ sense of the Information Technological age. Where we go we are followed, recorded, sampled and advertised to. This Smart phone, Laptop, Desktop, screen is the mirror on the wall is our defined sense of self in time.

Wicked witch of the west ‘Mirror Mirror who is the fairest of them all?’ Snow white gif Meme

As our self importance grows from the internal monologue into the smart binary machine we have depersonalised ourselves into one machine and many applications. The Radio and Television was our first communal elemental technological belief system. HIS MASTERS VOICE. The god within the machine Deus ex machina.

Television and Radio was a way of giving society a sense of collective belonging by programming the machine with stories, myth, news and media.

Do Millenials dream of Electric Sheep? “Millennials (also known as the Millennial Generation or Generation Y) are the demographic cohort following Generation…medium.com

There is this element of reflection in the mind of the human voice is also a mirror that reaffirms we are individual, yet belong to reassuring voices that reply or react to our calls, messages and shared moments.

Schizophrenics do not have such a control over the idea of individuality as it could be simply explained; They have a room of multiple mirrors, or houses of mirrors. So to focus this story on the mass of society that is un-medicated yet, slowly degrading itself onto medications to mask over the appearance of more mirrors in our mental life and ego.

So what is real if we are all fake representations of our self on the network?


Our biggest Elephant in the room is the false narratives we have of our representation online. Initially all our ego wants is consistency in life, pleasure, sense of belonging, leisure and to be loved. An eternal summer, ‘Golden Age’ if I may use the mythological description that is usually associated to so many innovative movements in media, art and science.

When you look at your mirror online, defining yourself with selfies that are heavily composed and filtered, or videos of various actions in the essential doing either work or leisure. Showing ourselves as external beings is what I am attempting to describe as our downfall. The Ego’s eschaton (The eschaton is a time period described in eschatological writings and doomsday scenarios.) is now developing on to a greater sense of accepting our external world as even more precarious, and our internal world is totally disassociated with connection to our internal world.

We now have ‘VIDCON’ celebrations and gatherings of which the tagline is ‘For People who love online video’

So to create our new self perception of ‘Tech-Ego’ and business. We have need of supply and demand of the human condition. We now have to build an industry that we all communally work in. So just like the industrial revolution being a child slavery and death camp with no protections or compensation. We now have the internet’s version of the Commerce of Human ego being traded on the new digital market place. Its almost like a Digital Khmers Rouge of social engineering policies under the guise of balanced and fair rebranded communism. A digital fairy land where we don’t need parents, or even the state, we just need the Internet Service Providers. And living wage payments regardless of if your Ego representation ‘on-line’ is profitable or not.


Its a gift to communicate. Yet we can’t invest too much into the mirror with a machine.

So to meditate and spend time in life just musing through nature and allowing thoughts of loved ones and past loves and those we interact with to come as like a vision through our being. Quietness, stillness, to be in contact with nothing distractive. Thus you have the Answer to the Modern Ego’s eschaton.

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