• A M Graetz

Its ‘Climate reign’ not ‘Climate Change’

Ether Eagle By AM Graetz

Everyone thinks that this Climate Change is a big deal. But the words itself basically state the science. Everything is in a state of Flux and flow in the bigger picture. So Take a look around and at the news and see that the world is transitioning from an old out of date Industrial model.

If I were to name the change it would simply be S.H.I.C.C Stupid Human Impact Climate Change. Somehow we have found ourselves at the top of the food chain, and dare I say it.

We don’t know how to stop or where the top is.

We need a Grand Final of sorts for the biggest polluter and best ruiner to get the most money with the least amount of personal guilt or effort.

I think they call the Grand Final winner a ‘CEO’ or ‘Politician’.

The only thing climate Change needs is for the Humanoid to Change.

We are the problem and the denial is the operation of the ‘Change’. Nature is merely reacting to ‘Us’ with its self preservation from an over infestation of Human Termites that breed like rabbits, eat like pigs, and destroy like a psychotic Tank Driver. Possibly a bit of an overzealous description of the human race at moment.

But what are we trying to win?

The Ultimate Lazy lifestyle of predictable and eventless unchanging life of entertainment and bliss.


We just accept that this is the societal norm.

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